Veterans with Dogs have a number of wonderful Lewtrechard Labradors, working as fully qualified assistance dogs and community dogs. We return to Jo every year as we know she breeds puppies from parents with outstanding health results, Jo puts a great deal of thought into the temperament of each litter, looking at the characteristic of both parents to create very balanced pups. Each litter is raised with love and care, in such a wonderful clean, safe and stimulating environment, where they have space to grow, thrive and learn about the world before they even leave their mother. 

At Veterans With Dogs, we look for dogs that are healthy and have very reliable temperaments, we are looking for incredible dogs that will go on to support a veteran in need, for this the dogs need to be intelligent, gentle, intuitive, steady and confident and these are exactly they temperaments that Jo's dogs produce. 

Thank you for all the wonderful puppies and we at VWD look forward to welcoming more Lewtrenchard Labradors in the years to come.

Becky Aggett
Training Manager

We got our first labrador from Jo at Lewtrenchard 15 years ago.  That was Indie, an amazing dog who sadly is no longer with us.  Since then we have been lucky enough to get four more - our three wonderful girls in the picture.  From left to right, Phoebe 4, Poppy 12, and mischievous little Lexi 18 months.  And finally Jingo, one of Phoebe's brothers, who we gave to our son and daughter-in-law as a wedding present. 

Owning these dogs is both a great joy and a great privilege.  They are beautifully bred, full of character, intelligent and superbly athletic.  As our vet once said "Now THAT is what I call a well bred labrador".  The three of them together make a great sight and they are often complimented when we are out walking - even more so when we have Jingo to stay and all four of them out walking together.

Jo is thoroughly professional and very helpful.  She clearly loves her dogs and many owners keep in touch through the Lewtrenchard Facebook page.

I promise you will never have cause to regret buying a dog from Lewtrenchard.

Sue & Nigel

“We were looking to get a puppy and our dear friends recommended Jo. They had already gone to her for puppies in the past and we had totally fallen in love with their dogs. We had lost our two faithful friends three years previously and it had taken all this time to even contemplate and consider getting another dog. Oh how we are so glad we took their advice! From the very start Jo was a total joy to deal with, so professional but very friendly, you can just tell that not only does she love her dogs and their puppies unreservedly, she takes such care and is devoted to them, this truly is a labour of love for her.

Right from the first point of contact she was welcoming, warm and honest and once she had let us know when the litter was due she kept us informed and sent us videos every step of the way.

Our puppy, Hector, from Sybil & Musket (7/8/21) is totally gorgeous and a fantastic example of the best of his breed. We collected him from Jo and drove all the way to the West Coast of Scotland on that very day. Hector was a total star and literally slept most of the way in my arms. I literally cannot step outside my door without being stopped to ask where this gorgeous boy is from! Jo certainly breeds very special dogs.

I would, without hesitation, recommend Jo as an outstanding breeder, her dogs and puppies are a wonderful testament to herself and Steve and her beautiful home and setup ensure they have the very best start to life”.

Angie & Ian Dawkins
3rd December 2021

Hector and Devon

I am an experienced Labrador owner and I wanted to buy a chocolate puppy. I did an awful lot of research and came across Lewtrenchard Labradors. Jo’s dogs really stood out and I’m so glad I found her.

From the start communication with Jo was professional and prompt. When the litter was born Jo kept us updated with photos and videos of the puppies and the mum. I believe I have over 200 photos for the first 8 weeks!
Before we picked our puppy up she was vet checked and we were supplied with the vet certificate
(all good).
Our puppy arrived with all the correct paperwork and was healthy and gorgeous. She settled in very quickly and was very receptive to her puppy training.
She is six months now and is a very calm girl who loves to play and learn. She is not fazed by meeting new people or coming across new situations. She reads signals very well. I am so happy to have her and I would wholeheartedly recommend a Lewtrenchard Labrador to anyone.


We approached Jo regarding the possibility of having a new four legged friend join our family. A huge hole having been left by our lovely black lab Geisha.

Magically our beloved ‘Merlin’ came to us.

He is supremely healthy, athletic and a gentle boy. He has a superb temperament that sees him really racing around or sitting quietly waiting. Wherever we go he is complemented and we are just so proud of him. As we all know his athleticism and temperament comes from his excellent breeding, nurturing and the training put in at a young age.

Jo and Steve are responsible for this we are just reaping the rewards. Any one who is lucky enough to share their world with a Lewtrenchard Labrador will already know the value of their presence, but if you don’t Jo may be able to help you in the future.

Our handsome black labrador Frank was born in May 2015, offspring of Breeze and Mika. He was one of a litter of 10. I am an Occupational therapist and work with people with disabilities and wanted a dog who would be gentle, confident and loving so that I could introduce him to the people I work with; I understand how petting a dog can be truly beneficial to people, helping them to relax and raising their quality of life. A friend of ours who had a severely disabled son bought a labrador from Lewtrenchard labradors and he was brilliant with her son and our friend recommended Jo Metherell very highly, so when we decided to get a puppy I felt we HAD to approach Jo. We have not been disappointed. Jo was really helpful when it came to selecting a gentle, biddable puppy and she replies immediately to any questions we asked her via email.

Frank is great fun, and has passed his initial puppy training and also Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizenship Award. The people I work with love him, and he helps one lady who cannot reach her feet to pull off her socks and trousers at the end of the day; something they both seem to enjoy. 

Frank sometimes meets up with one of his sisters, Daisy who lives nearby and they are both amazing and good looking dogs with lovely temperaments.
My husband and I love Frank so much and we are so pleased we found Jo Metherell.

Heather Manktelow
Activities for Health

Hi Jo,

Just wanted to drop you a message and send a picture of Monty at six months old.

As you can see he is developing into a particularly beautiful Labrador who steals the hearts of everyone he meets.

We have completely fallen in love with him and have had so much fun bringing him up. He is the best natured dog we have ever come across and such good company – we have so much to thank you for.

I just wanted to thank you so very much for our lovely black Labrador, Nala. We picked her up from you just over a year ago and she has settled into our family like a dream.

She has the nicest temperament and is so very gentle with the children, who both absolutely adore her. We appear to have the best of both worlds as she's a little bit cheeky at times but has been so easy to train and is currently excelling at her gun dog classes having just passed her grade one with distinction!!

So many thanks for producing such a fabulous dog!

With kindest regards

Michaela Michel.

The whole experience of getting our new Puppy Enzo has been been amazing. Sadly we lost our beloved Labrador Bruce last year and were still grieving when we first spoke to Jo about a new puppy.

The advice Jo has given has really helped and she is always at the end of the phone.

Throughout the 7 weeks after the litter was born Jo sent hundreds of photos and even a video! We were able to meet both parents and puppies in a relaxed environment.

On collection Jo gave us a pack with food and lots of info.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo Metherell - she applies a caring approach to breeding and nothing is too much trouble.


We started looking for a Chocolate Labrador breeder in January 2012. My partner had a black and yellow Labrador while growing up so wanted to 'complete the set'. We wanted to find a good breeder that would provide us with a healthy puppy with a good temperament. We found Jo online straight away and after looking through her website and reading the testimonials, we had a really good feeling about her and felt we didn't need to look any further.

The litters were due in the summer and autumn. Jo kept us up to date through the year and answered all my many questions! We were so excited when the puppies were born and Jo sent us photos of the new born pups. It was lovely to receive regular photos of the puppies as they were growing. When the puppies were 5 weeks old, we went to visit them. We were so impressed with the setup that Jo had, everything was so clean and organised, and we could
tell that Jo looked after them extremely well. Jo was very welcoming and we were able to take our time and some photos too.

We collected Drifter 2 weeks later. Jo gave us lots of information and advice, as well as a puppy pack and blanket that smelled of the litter so the puppy would feel more settled in his new home.

We've only had him for a couple of days, but he is learning fast and has such a lovely temperament. This is credit to Jo and all the hard work that she has put in to breeding such a well rounded and good looking Labrador. As you can see Drifter is very handsome! He has already mastered 'sit' and' down'. We are so impressed with him.

I would recommend Jo to anyone who wants a Labrador, I am so happy that we found her and were lucky enough to have one of her puppies. I plan to keep in touch with Jo and send regular updates and photos of Drifter. She has reassured me that if i have any problems or questions I can go to her. She loves every one of her puppies, and this clearly shows in the end result.

Handsome Drifter

I wanted a male black lab puppy, full of personality, a calm temperament, but specifically a dog that would just suit me. Many websites offered such a dog but there was something about Lewtrenchard Labradors that told me this would be the one. I picked Jake up at 8 weeks old and he has proved to be everything I wanted in a dog. He is indeed calm, patient, loving, obedient, easy to train, alert, VERY funny and handsome too!!

My experience with Jo Metherell has been one of mutual trust and ease. I was a first time dog-owner and very much appreciated all the help I was given when I came to pick Jake up. I still contact Jo to this day for no other reason than to show him off!!

Like everyone else who has had a puppy from the Lewtrenchard litters I would only recommend Jo...EVERY time!!


We started looking for a labrador in November 2008. My husband was in the Falkland's on a tour. We both looked at different sites, but Dave found Lewtrenchard Labradors. He found the site very useful and also found out that they had a litter due in the New Year. We both wanted a male labrador so he put us on the waiting list.

The next thing I knew, I received a call from Jo Metherell. Jo was very helpful, it felt like I knew Jo for years, that's how nice she was. I was so excited I rang Dave. In January Jo let us know that Marley had given birth to the puppies. Barney was born on New Year's day. Jo was really good and sent us pictures of mother and puppies each week and let us know if there were any problems.

We were invited to see them when they were 5 weeks old, but due to the weather we could not.
On the 21st February 2009 we went to choose and take Barney home. It was really hard because they were all so lovely, but in the end we choose him. Barney travelled really well and slept the whole 2 hours back to Wiltshire.

Barney has just celebrated his first birthday, he has been a joy to have and we get a lot of good comments. I must say he is very handsome!
I would recommend anyone who wants a puppy to Jo.
Many thanks Jo.


What a pleasure it is to own our latest addition,Lewtrenchard Jasmine. Everyone who meets her comments on her serene and calm nature. She is proving very easy to train, like most Labradors and as an added bonus she is well on the way to being house trained thanks to the efforts and time put in by Jo. Our other dogs accepted her straight away and she loves having 3 bigger Labradors to play with. She is also cat friendly, although I fear she loves them a whole lot more than they love her! We had to wait a while for our puppy, but I firmly believe the right breeder is worth waiting for.

Beverley and Darrell Morris


I had been looking for a Chocolate Labrador for a while when I discovered Jo. I have always owned Labradors and in the past had bred them myself. While looking I had realised that there were an awful lot of irresponsible breeders around, selling puppies whose parents had not even been hip and eye tested. It made me question how good the puppies would be.

I found Jo to be so professional and helpful. Her dogs all have wonderful temperaments and our puppy, Isadora, was not only healthy but very well adjusted and of course gorgeous!

I will definitely be going back to Jo when the inevitable happens to my 11 year old yellow. I certainly would not hesitate in recommending Lewtrenchard Labradors.

Karen Matthews
Liskeard, Cornwall

Isadora and her new sisters Nala & Bea

We chose Rebel for a family dog from one of Jo's litters. He's a great dog, now a year old, with good manners, and willingness to be trained. He's friendly with other dogs and people, which is important for us as we have holiday cottages, people coming and going all the time. He's bright, and truly handsome. We couldn't wish for a better bred dog, and he is an essential part of the family.

Jo's help and advice was much appreciated.

Lita and Paul Wood
Coombe Farm, Nr Launceston.


Right from when I made an initial enquiry to the day I collected my new puppy, I found Jo to be very friendly, approachable, helpful and a above all, an excellent source of well needed advice! Jo kept in regular touch with updates on the pregnancy, the puppies birth and their initial progress. I was grateful for an early visit to see for myself how the puppies were doing - I was very impressed with the conditions that the puppies were kept in and the dedication showed by Jo in meeting the needs of 12 very active dogs!

All in all, I would have no hesitation in recommending Lewtrenchard Kennels if you are looking for a high quality and well bred labrador.

Richard Boggis

Maisie 5 months

'Lewtrenchard Captivation' our beautiful 'Roxy' to us, pictured on her 1st birthday, now 29 months old, Roxy has brought us hours and hours of fun and laughter, always wanting to please, always happy to see and greet us. We heard about Jo and her beautiful puppies through a friend whose parents had recently had a puppy from Jo, my son and myself wanted to surprise my partner, Roger with a Labrador puppy for his birthday in April 2006.

Early February 2006, I contacted Jo asking about her puppies, Jo told me she was expecting Brandy a chocolate bitch to give birth to her puppies early March 2006, they would be ready in April (perfect) Jo kept us informed on Brandy's progress, we had requested a 'black dog', when the puppies arrived on the 4th March 2006 Jo phoned to say they had arrived, 6 chocolate puppies and only 1 black a bitch, we were still very interested. Jo invited us to visit the puppies when old enough, there was NO pressure on us to have her, she was so beautiful we could not wait to collect her. We collected her on 22nd April and as you can see she is beautiful, she loves her tummy to be rubbed and will do anything you ask for a treat! Roxy is very special to our family, it would not be the same without her. We would and have recommended Jo and her Lewtrenchard Labradors to others wanting a Labrador, Jo is very helpful and is always on the end of the phone to help or give advice. We would not go anywhere else for our Labradors in the future.

Karen, Roger and Kyle. Plymouth


We lost our previous labrador, Bryn, in January 2006 aged almost 13 years. Although initially unable to contemplate a puppy soon found that there was a big gap in our lives that only a lab could fill. We embarked on a search for a puppy with a close pedigree to Bryn and, after many hours trawling the internet, we discovered Lewtrenchard Labradors where Agnes was expecting pups.

From our very first conversation with Jo we could tell how much she cared for her dogs and were extremely impressed with her professional yet warm and friendly approach. Jo kept in touch regularly once the pups were born including sending us photographs of Agnes with the pups at 1 day old and 1 week old. We visited Jo when the pups were 4 weeks old and had a superb time with the young bundles of fun and proud Mum Agnes. Jo introduced us to her other dogs and showed us around the kennels. The dogs were all extremely calm and friendly and everywhere was immaculate. It was clearly obvious that all the dogs and pups were much loved and well cared for.

Eventually the day arrived to collect Henry (Lewtrenchard Dexter). As well as the Kennel Club certificate, Jo provided an information sheet and full contact details assuring us that she was only to happy to provide advice or support whenever necessary.

Henry is now 2 years 3 months and is absolutely wonderful. He is like Bryn in many ways (hates going out in the rain) - whilst different in just as many ways. He is very intelligent, calm, loving and wants to be everyone's friend.

I would have absolute confidence in recommending Jo to anyone looking for a top quality labrador who has had the best possible start in life—in my opinion, you could not do better.

Kevin, Teri & Bethan (Caerphilly, South Wales)

Henry 15 weeks old

Like our son James we purchased a Labrador pup from Jo Metherall in August 2007. From the very start we found Jo very helpful and caring of her dogs - both the adults and the pups.

We were really impressed with the cleanliness and accommodation for the dogs; also, the unlimited information and support she was prepared to give us made the purchase of our dog so much easier and gave us peace of mind. Our dog is called Ruby and we couldn't be more thrilled with her - she is a perfect labrador, both in shape and temperament with a lovely glossy coat.

We can thoroughly recommend Jo as a breeder and know that she will give you all the help you need to look after your proposed purchase of one of her puppies.

Barbara and John, DORSET.


We collected Kipper from Jo Metherell in July 2006. Kipper is a wonderful family dog. She has a calm temperament and is very gentle with babies and children, and although she makes other people feel special she is a loyal friend. Kipper was easy to house train and quick to learn the basic commands, suggesting she is an intelligent dog that wants to please.

Johnny and Rebecca Coburn


We got our first dog from Jo and we are so pleased. He has made a great impact to our family and our lives. Murphy is a handsome dog with a great character and excellent temperament. Jo was ever so friendly and helpful and we have now gone back to her for our second puppy.

Adam & Sally,

Molly, aged 7 weeks & Murphy

We purchased a labrador from Jo in August 2007 and have been so thrilled with the outcome of the pup. After finding Jo on the internet, I rang her to find out more and instantly I got the impression of how caring and professional she was.

When we picked up the pup she gave us a family tree of the breeding and that then confirmed that every care had been taken to make sure the breed stayed strong and healthy. The help and advice from Jo was second to none and still to this day she is very interested in how Jess is getting on.

Our pup, Jess, is a perfect labrador shape and in my eyes how a gun dog of this breed should look. We really can't say anymore about how pleased we are with Jess, and Jo for being such a careul breeder.

We would strongly recommend Jo to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a pedigree labrador.

James & Tanya, Dorset


I contacted Jo at least a year before Ellie was born. We met all her dogs and decided with her help which would potentially be the best mum for our dog. All her dogs are well looked after and can be seen at any time. Ellie is now a year old and doing well. She is a healthy intelligent and charactorful dog.

I would certainly buy another dog from Jo and would have no hesitation in recommending her to my friends.

David Bryant


I cannot believe that nearly a year has passed since we brought Dougal home. Dougal has grown into a fit, alert and healthy dog, he made himself at home from the very first day he arrived, and we have never looked back. He is an absolute joy and has brought so much fun and love to our family. Everywhere we go we are complimented on his coat, his temperament and his shape, people just want to take him home!

We just want to say a massive thank-you to Jo for the work that she put into bringing the pups on, and for the help and information that she gave us.

I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending Lewtrenchard Labradors to any of my friends or family or indeed a return visit for ourselves one day in the future.

Catherine, Mark & Emily Carter


Hi Jo,
Firstly, can I just say Thank you. We have a calm, clever, self -checking, intelligent pup. She is very loving, kind, devoted, everything anyone could ever want in a dog.

Her training is a breeze, she’s just too clever we are having to add things in to make her think more. All the dogs I have ever had or grown up with none have been like her. I am totally smitten by her.

Thank you again for such a lovely pup. She is a total delight. 
Best Wishes


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